Stockholm Furniture Fair 2024

We truly enjoyed to be a part of Stockholm Furniture Fair. Thanks to all visitors for an amazing week!
This year, together with award-winning designers Maja Ganszyniec and Khodi Feiz, Abstracta has focused on boosting the feel-good factor at work. As always, our overall aim is to create better soundscapes. This year, we include lighting and informal, comfortable seating, as well as clever floor screens that create secluded spaces where people can retreat to chat or focus on their work in peace and quiet.

Being able to step away is something many people are seeking. A new survey that charts the needs and expectations of Swedish office workers shows that the absence of quiet spaces for focused work is what most are dissatisfied with about their workplace (Demoskop, for MER Arkitekter, 2023). A quarter of those surveyed reported a lack of space for focused work.

Abstracta aims to help change that with a range of new products. Acclaimed Polish designer Maja Ganszyniec is the creator of one of them — Akunok. The name is a play on the words acoustic and nook. Akunok is composed of comfortable acoustic seats in one-seater and two-seater versions, a floor screen that is clever and elegant in equal measure, and two neat tables. Its concept ambitiously tackles two major challenges facing many of today’s workplaces. The first is to create better soundscapes that promote well-being and job satisfaction. The second is to offer employees separate, pleasant smaller areas where they can focus on their work in comfort. “It’s inspired by the movable walls of Japanese interior architecture,” explains Ganszyniec. Akunok has received top marks from independent expert Acoustic Facts.

The second new product of the year, Vika, is the result of a new and exciting collaboration between Abstracta and influential industrial designer Khodi Feiz. Vika is a sculptural floor screen that manages both low-frequency and high-frequency sounds while radiating pleasant ambient light. “It’s another way of thinking about sound and light,” says Feiz. “Vika’s function is to create a calm atmosphere.”

This year also sees the launch of two larger versions of Abstracta’s and Staffan Holm’s successful Zen Pod.

Abstracta x Wall of Art
, a collection of acoustic panels featuring contemporary art, has also been updated with works by illustrator Lena Wigers.

“At Abstracta, we’re proud to present an ever-expanding range of carefully designed acoustic solutions that include screens, furniture, quiet rooms, and hybrid products like acoustic lamps. They’re solutions that make a big difference in today’s workplaces. Not only do they increase employee satisfaction; they also offer a flexibility that suits today’s enterprises,” says Linus Berglund, Marketing Director, Abstracta.

Thanks to all visitors for an incredible week!

Stand interior design: Paul Vaugoyeau
Photo: Taylerd

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