Soundscapes created with care for humans and our planet

At Abstracta, we have been working to create better soundscapes since 1972 – which makes us acoustics pioneers. The core of our business is well-being, which for us includes the well-being of future generations and of the planet. As we see it, sustainability is a natural part of our work. Every day, we work hard to reach our five sustainability goals. With us on our journey is a team of skilled suppliers and creative designers that take the issue of sustainability and soundscapes just as seriously as we do.


Abstracta 2030 – our five sustainability goals

– Carbon-neutral
– Recycling of 100 % of our textile waste
– 100% certified wood
– 100% Möbelfakta certified products
– Circular range of products

Waste is our most valuable resource

Waste is simply a resource in the wrong place. Thus, we treat waste material as the valuable resource it truly is. Today we are using recycled material, such as textile waste and recycled plastic bottles, as acoustic filling for our products. In addition, a significant part of our wood components is made from recycled wood waste.

See dB Modular sofa, one of the products filled with textile waste

The climate crisis demands more than green promises

This is what we do today to reduce our carbon footprint:

– Abstracta’s factory in Lammhult runs on 100 % renewable energy.
– Textile waste and recycled plastic bottles are used as acoustic filling in our products.
– Since 2019, all our new company cars are either electric or plug-in hybrids.
– We prioritize local suppliers, which decrease our emissions from transport.
– We prioritize transport partners with Euro 6 vehicles.

End of throwaway culture

Good design is sustainable. It’s as simple as that. We collaborate with some of today’s leading designers, to give our acoustic products a timeless style, and we only use high-quality materials that ensure that our products last as long as possible.

Zero-waste with Abstracta’s recycling service

We offer a recycling service for our clients. We’ve simply started to collect worn-out acoustic panels and other products for renovation, reuse or recycling. To facilitate circularity, all our products are module-based. Thus, they are easy to repair, easy to reuse, and easy to recycle. This way, we contribute to a sustainable future.

Read about our Recycling service

We believe in renewable natural raw materials

Flax, hemp, and cork are natural materials that we value highly. For example, cork is a 100 % renewable material. When the cork oak has been harvested, the cork bark begins to regrow. Ten years later, it may be harvested again. Cork production occurs in harmony with nature. It helps to preserve beautiful groves of cork oaks, which in turn provide essential habitat for threatened species. Cork has excellent acoustic properties. We use it for several of our products, such as the sound absorbing table Jetty, the writing table Draft, and the wall absorber Sahara.

Aluminium with minimal CO2 impact

Our aluminium profiles are produced only an hour away from Abstracta, by a factory in Vetlanda, whose manufacturing process has the lowest carbon dioxide emissions in their branch of industry.

For a sustainable forestry

As a company based in Småland, Sweden, we care for forests. It is important for us contribute to a sustainable forestry, that is beneficial for biodiversity and good for the climate. Today, we are close to our goal that all wood we use should be certified.

No flame retardant chemicals

The standard fabrics we use for our sound absorbers and other products are free from flame retardants. Instead, we use materials that in themselves are fire retardant.

Global Goals

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are the basis of our environmental work. We focus on the five goals to which we can contribute most.

Goal # 3 – Good health and well-being
Goal # 5 – Gender equality
Goal # 8 – Decent work and economic growth
Goal # 12 – Responsible consumption and production
Goal # 15 – Life on land

Read more about how we work towards the Global Goals


As a part of our sustainability work, we are certified according to following standards and quality labels:

ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001
Management systems for quality, environment, occupational health and safety.

A reference and labeling system for furniture, which includes requirements regarding quality, environment, and social responsibility. We and our suppliers need to commit to Lammhults Design Group’s Code of Conduct.
Download our Supplier Code of Conduct
Download our Employee Code of Conduct

Acoustic facts
The impact of our acoustic products are presented at, where products can be compared in an objective way. This ensures that all technical data is accurate and meets international, European, and Swedish standards.
Download our test certificates