Design Philosophy

Our design philosophy guides in our everyday practice us and helps us to achieve our purpose: to design comfortable soundscapes that make people feel better.

We believe in attentive design

Attentive design seeks solutions through innovation. It identifies overlooked problems and explore better ways to solve familiar ones. Innovation is not an end in itself but a means. What matters is the value a product adds to a soundscape.

Attentive design is curious and probing. It can be about investigating how to add acoustic value to new categories of furniture, finding manufacturing materials that contribute to biodiversity, or adding functionality to a product to maximise its versatility.

Ultimately, attentive design is about focusing on the human need for both functionality and beauty. Attentive design is open, empathetic and interested in the spaces it is part of.

Design is a collaboration

We are a design-oriented company that prizes working closely with our designers. We believe that design is a collaborative and exploratory endeavour, aimed at uncovering new ways to bring lasting value to a space. To us, collaboration means exchange of ideas and increased job satisfaction.

Our belief that design is collaborative also means that we are open-minded and plugged into world events and developments in science and technology. For example, we are continuously examining how we can employ renewable natural materials like cork, hemp, and mycelium in new ways.

Good design is always sustainable

There are only two good reasons to create a new product: to solve a problem that was previously overlooked or to provide a better solution to a familiar one.

We’re opposed to all forms of waste. We try, for example, to use any waste produced by one part of the design process as material in another part.

Our products are made from materials of the highest quality and speak a design language that is timeless. We prefer to work with renewable natural and recycled materials. And we avoid mixing materials, which makes our products easy both to repair and to recycle.