Runa Klock & Hallgeir Homstvedt

Runa Klock’s endeavours as a designer can be described from several perspectives. They can be viewed biographically, beginning with her childhood on the western coast of Norway, whose rugged terrain, carved out by the forces of nature, clearly marks her works. Core, her highly acclaimed stone lamp, is a prime example. Her upbringing there is also the source of a strong interest in traditional craftsmanship.

Importantly, Klock’s works can also be seen from an ethical perspective. In the design world nowadays, there is a lot of talk about social responsibility and sustainability. Rather than merely buzzwords, both are integral elements of her design process. The origin and history of her materials are important to her, as well as how an object she designs will be manufactured. Consequently, she has involved refugee women, unemployed youth and inmates in her projects.

Runa Klock studied at the Oslo Academy of Fine Arts, but is now based in Ålesund. The prestigious Jacob Prize was awarded to Runa Klock in 2020.

Hallgeir Homstvedt is a true master of the idiom of subtle gestures. The low-key character of his works give the materials a chance to express themselves – as in the case of the clay of his Balance Vase and the marble of his Groove Plate, both of which he designed for Muuto. The same unassuming restraint and tactility is found in the Lily lamp, which he and Runa Klock created for Abstracta.

Homstvedt studied industrial design at the University of Newcastle in Australia. Today, he is based in Oslo, where he has run his own studio since 2009, before which he worked at renowned studio Norway Says. Companies such as Lexon, Muuto, L.K. Hjelle, OneNordic, and Established and Sons are amongst his clients.

Over the years, Hallgeir Homstvedt has won numerous awards and his works have been exhibited in London, Tokyo, Oslo, New York and Milan.

Products designed by Runa Klock & Hallgeir Homstvedt