Improving a soundscape is easy. Doing it with style is the hard part.
Design by: Runa Klock & Hallgeir Homstvedt


  • Holly lighting, vertical
    4 light globes + 6 absorbing globes

    540x1015x585 mm

  • Holly absorber, vertical
    10 absorbing globes

    540x1015x585 mm

  • Holly lighting, horizontal
    4 light globes + 8 absorbing globes

    1052x585x540 mm

  • Holly absorber, horizontal
    12 absorbing globes

    1052x585x540 mm

NB colours on screen may differ slightly to the actual colour.

  • -020


  • -021


  • -022

    Light grey

I want to know more about Holly

Runa Klock & Hallgeir Homstvedt

  • The light globe is made from opal glass - an opaque, white glass that produces a beautiful, even light.

  • Holly is available with or without lighting. The soft, globe-shaped absorbers perfectly deals with low frequency sound waves! The globes are made from recycled fabric that has been transformed into Soundfelt REC material.

  • The absorbers are upholstered in a 3D-stitched melange seamless covering (polyester). The fabric is available in 3 different colours.

I want to know more about Holly