“Dampening noise is important, of course, but so is reducing visual stress"
Design by: Runa Klock & Hallgeir Homstvedt


  • Lily

    900 x 61 mm
    1200 x 61 mm

    Lighting information

    230V input
    Around 10W 950lm output, dimmable
    Around 110 °

  • Lily comes with or without lighting.

    The absorbent is available in several different textiles and with two different cores: One with polyester and a self-developed filling we call Hemp which is based on renewable raw material from hemp and starch.

  • Ø1200 N10=11  ISO20189

    Ø900 N10=11   ISO20189

NB colours on screen may differ slightly to the actual colour.

Price group

  • -001

  • -017

    Dark grey

  • -016


  • -015


I want to know more about Lily

  • Lily’s subtle design allows it to retain a soft, organic character, despite its rather strict form. Lily comes with or without a light fixture.

  • Fully 90 or 120 cm in diameter, Lily is intended for lighting large rooms, such as restaurants and open office spaces – environments where both noise and visual information levels are high.

  • “It’s particularly beautiful when you hang a few of them together in a cluster,” says Hallgeir Homstvedt, who co-designed Lily with Runa Klock.

Runa Klock & Hallgeir Homstvedt


Library Almere, Netherlands