Welcome to Abstracta’s VR exhibition space

This year, Abstracta opens a whole new exhibition space: a 1000 sqm palace surrounded by friendly summertime clouds.

The virtual reality exhibition space is developed in collaboration with the Stockholm-based architect studio MER. It is designed to give the viewer a tactile sense of the products as well as an enhanced experience of the soundscape they establish. One of the aims is to increase the interaction between sight and hearing, which is essential for Abstracta, a company committed to create better soundscapes.

Two other aims are inclusion and sustainability. ”Our ambition is make our products accessible to all. Now everyone, no matter where they live or work, can have a great experience of our products. You don’t have to travel to a fair or to one of our physical showrooms to be introduced to our news or to get a proper idea of what Abstracta can do for well-being at work. It’s all about inclusion and sustainability”, says marketing manager Åsa van Drumpt.

The exhibition space has six different rooms where Abstracta’s furniture is showcased, among them a sound laboratory and a beautiful terrace garden where the sun always shines.

The VR exhibition can be experienced in Abstracta’s showrooms, from Teams by one of our sales representative or you can install it to your computer (Windows). Download the Abstracta VR experience here.