Sahara wall panel - approved for disinfectants

We are happy to announce that our new acoustic wall panel Sahara is approved for cleaning with disinfectants. This makes the product advantageous where upholstered panels would be difficult to clean. The Sahara is thus perfect for public spaces such as restaurants, schools and health care environments! Disinfectant liquids occur no visible changes on the acoustic panel’s cork surface.

The wall panel created by Gabriel Tan is made of cork, a natural material that offers excellent acoustic properties. As simple and spontaneous as a sand formation carved by the wind, its shape is the perfect starting point for creating a multitude of patterns – from the asymmetrical to the symmetrical, from geometrically strict configurations to dynamic, random formations reminiscent of sand dunes.

The test is made of RISE. The disinfectants used for the test is “Dax Ytdesinfektion Plus 45 Vol.%. 400 G/kg 2-propanal”.

Download full test report from RISE here

desinfectants wall panel