Sahara Wall Panel

"It is the material of Sahara itself that does the talking – or whispering, rather".
Design by: Gabriel Tan


  • Sahara 4-Pack
    Wall Panel:
    450 x 450 x 50 mm.

    Weight: 4412 g.

    Absorption factor αw = 0.15 Class E, ISO 11654

    N10 = 1000, ISO20189

    Scrating coefficient S = 0.83 for 4000 Hz, ISO17497

• No emissions to air, water or soil take place at Abstracta's factory during the production of the Sahara.
• Incoming material in the Sahara meets the environmental requirements of furniture.
• All materials in the Sahara are recyclable, either as material or energy.
• The outdated product is dismantled and left at the recycling centre.

NB colours on screen may differ slightly to the actual colour.

  • Natural Cork

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Gabriel Tan