Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020

Welcome to a better soundscape.

Photo Mårten Ryner

At Abstracta, we know that sound matters. We’re in the business to design soundscapes that promote creativity, performance, job satisfaction, and ultimately well-being.

This year, we proudly present two innovations mindfully designed to improve the soundscape. We’re also introducing a whole new way to experience our products: a 1000 m2 virtual reality soundscape.

Abstracta’s aim to promote well-being requires a responsible attitude towards the environment. This year, we’re increasing our efforts for a sustainable furniture production.

dB Pillar by Thomas Bernstrand
Trumpet by Stone designs
Scala by Anya Sebton
Abstracta opens a whole new virtual reality exhibition space. It is a 1000 m2 palace surrounded by friendly summertime clouds.
Airbloom by Stefan Borselius
Abstracta SFF 2020
Sahara by Gabriel Tan
Abstracta SFF 2020