"A superbly orchestrated fusion of lighting and acoustics."
Design by: Thomas Bernstrand


  • Moon lighting

    Ø550 mm

  • Moon absorber

    Ø550 mm

    • The luminaire is dimmable.
      DALI light control is available as standard.
      Hidden inside the globe is a LED driver.
    • Default setting is 2700 Kelvin (K), but this can be raised to 3000K or 4000K.
    • The luminaire’s micro-prism can also be easily replaced with a different one.
    • Ceiling mounting bracket included.
      Power cord length 4 m.

White luminaire: -011
Black Luminaire: -012 -013 -014

NB colours on screen may differ slightly to the actual colour.

Price group

  • -011

    Light grey

  • -012

    Dark grey

  • -013


  • -014

    Dark blue

Thomas Bernstrand

  • Hidden inside the globe is an LED driver, while the luminaire itself is recessed within the lamp to provide glare-free, directed light. Moon employs standard DALI control and even lets you adjust lighting temperature with ease.

  • Moon mainly absorbs conversational noise – both high-frequency and low. This makes it ideal for environments like restaurants, lobbies and co-working spaces.

  • It is supplied with a stylish, textile-covered cable that is reinforced, thus eliminating the need for any suspension wires. The cable is available in several colours to harmonise with the felt blanket.

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