Nina Jobs

Certain designers never fail to create self-evident things – objects that appear as though they have merely been nudged toward their natural form. Nina Jobs is one of those designers. Nothing is ever missing, nor is any feature ever superfluous. Naturally, this goes for every product she has designed for Abstracta.

Jobs is based in Stockholm and has an international clientele. She began her career as a graphic designer before being drawn to three-dimensional objects, whereupon she moved to Paris to study product design at the École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs.

Her works belong to many collections, including those of Abstracta, Askul, Design House Stockholm, Fogia, Gärsnäs, Helland, Ikea, Kinnasand, MoMa, Nola, SMD, Svensktenn, Skandiform, Voice and Uniqlo. Jobs has won numerous prestigious international awards and has been represented at exhibitions around the world.

Products designed by Nina Jobs