Plenty Pod

"Don't leave the space. Leave the noise instead."

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  • Plenty Pod Small
    (wxhxd mm)


    This version is designed for one person, to be used as a phone booth. 

  • Plenty Pod Medium
    (wxhxd mm)


    Designed for one or two persons, to be used as a quiet work-station or a conversation room.

  • Plenty Pod Large
    (wxhxd mm)


    Designed for several persons, to be used as a meeting room or an office with several work stations.

Choose upholstered walls to further reduce the level of noise. Customized to complement your design concept.

NB colours on screen may differ slightly to the actual colour.

  • NEC video conference system for Plenty Pod M & L

    Package solution:
    Screen (43′ M, 55′ L)
    Speakers (60 watts)
    Video camera
    Ochno control

  • Ochno control

    Smart control of lighting and fans. Enables control based on sensor values ​​such as movement, temperature and individual settings via computer or mobile. The system also enables logging of data for occupancy and energy use.


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