We create better soundscapes

Acoustics pioneers

An acoustic revolution has occurred in recent years. Public awareness about the decisive impact that soundscapes have on our health, creativity and performance has grown dramatically. Workplaces and other interior environments are no longer only being designed to look good but to sound good, as well.

At Abstracta, we have been working to create better soundscapes since 1972 – which makes us acoustics pioneers. Today, we offer a wide variety of solutions for different types of environments and requirements – from thoughtfully designed sound-absorbent screens and surfaces to innovative furniture with integrated acoustic characteristics. And in close cooperation with some of the world’s most influential contemporary designers, we are constantly exploring new ways to create better soundscapes.

We manufacture our furniture in Småland, Sweden, and our customers are located throughout the world. Abstracta is part of Lammhults Design Group.

Form or function?

At Abstracta, our foremost objective is to create better soundscapes.

The product development team at our factory in Småland is constantly researching different types of materials and how they can be combined to produce the best possible acoustic effects. The same applies to our design approach: All our products are drafted with soundscapes in mind. In other words, we never compromise on function.

But this doesn’t mean that function is more important than form, nor that form is more important than function. The way we see it, there’s no real conflict between the two.

In fact, interesting forms often emerge from working out particular functional issues. Similarly, working on a product’s form can also lead to completely new ways of solving acoustic problems.

So, you don’t have to choose between a pleasant soundscape and a visually inspiring environment.

We have the pleasure of collaborating with some of today’s leading designers. With them, we have developed a portfolio of products in a broad range of styles – from understatedly elegant to stimulatingly playful. But even though each of our acoustic products and furniture pieces expresses itself uniquely, they all have one thing in common: timeless character.


As a company that designs and makes furniture, our task is to create better living environments – including the natural environment, for future generations. We’re therefore obliged to do what we do in a sustainable manner, which means using our planet’s limited resources with care, and continuously reducing our ecological and climate footprint.

How do we do this?

First and foremost by manufacturing products that last a long time and that can be repaired whenever a part or component wears out. We therefore select durable materials that are then carefully and expertly processed by our highly skilled craftspeople. We are also constantly increasing the proportion of reclaimed materials that go into our products, while striving to ensure that the materials our products consist of can later be recycled themselves.

To us, sustainability is also a design value. It’s about creating objects of meaningful and lasting expression – and avoiding those that look outdated after just a few years. In this, we have the pleasure of collaborating with designers who, like us, are focussed on producing long-lasting furniture.

The Global Goals

As a pioneer in the field of interior acoustics Abstracta offers a wide variety of solutions for different types of environments on a global scale. The strategy for sustainability is shaped by the UNs Sustainable Development Goals – the most ambitious agenda for sustainable development.

Abstracta has identified five of the Global Goals, where we can make the most difference:

Goal # 3 – Good health and well-being
Goal # 5 – Gender equality
Goal # 8 – Decent work and economic growth
Goal # 12 – Responsible consumption and production
Goal # 15 – Life on land

Sustainability partners

To guarantee the highest quality we work actively with the Swedish furniture industry performance certification system Möbelfakta. All our products that are certified through Möbelfakta has undergone extensive quality tests, been approved according to environmental requirements and been produced according to their ethical guidelines. Abstracta shares the same views with regard to responsible furniture production, we are a very proud to be a partner with Möbelfakta. Read more at: www.mobelfakta.se

Together with the other companies within Lammhults Design Group, Abstracta operates in accordance with the principles of the UN Global Compact regarding human rights, labour law, the environment and corruption, as well as the ISO 26000 standard for social responsibility. We also work in line the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, focussing on those on which we can have the greatest impact: Goal 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth, Goal 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production, Goal 15 – Life on Land. Read more about LDG:s sustainability report here.

Abstracta has received ISO 14001 environmental certification, ISO 9001 quality management certification, and OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety certification. Find our certificates here.


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