Writing board weeks!

At Abstracta we love to be creative. One great tool for that is the writing board.
This spring we give some extra attention to our writing board range - please contact your local sales representative for more information!

MagVision is a highly functional and innovatively useful writing board mounted on magnetised metal. Two facings are available: E3 enamel white board or glass. The basic version of the glass writing board is optical white. Those, however, who wish to use MagVision as a decorative accent can choose from eight different shades of glass.

Plenty of office environments have changed radically in recent years. Permanent workstations and designated conference rooms are no longer taken for granted. Rooms are instead defined by their use at any given moment. To meet these highly variable needs, designers Daniel Lavonious Jarefeldt and Josef Zetterman developed Draft – a two-sided mobile writing board whose graphic design language is simple yet elegant. Below the writing board is a wood-framed tool tray.

Alumi Combi
Nina Jobs designed Alumi Combi with the aim of encouraging colleagues to have spontaneous meetings where ever they want. The screens, which function both as sound absorbers and writing boards, are mounted on wheels for easy portability. The versatile writing boards have the same understated look as the other sound-absorbing screens in the Alumi series, allowing them to be combined in harmonious unity.

Sketchalot designed by Eelco Voogd is unique as a whiteboard in that it can stand perfectly flat against the wall without actually being fastened to it – thanks to its specially designed feet. So, when it’s time to rearrange the office again, there’s no need to worry.

Developed by Stefan Borselius, Moow is an innovative concept that, at first glance, reminds one of bed sheets drying on the line. But hanging here on a rail are whiteboards of different sizes, easily slid right and left on their wheels. The concept also includes hooks for hanging flipcharts and wall-mounted static whiteboards.

There’s nothing particularly appealing about a switched-off display screen. Fredrik Wallner evidently had this undeniable truth in mind when designing Messenger – a cleanly styled cabinet for various types of TV screens. Its glazed magnetic sliding doors allow it to function simultaneously as an elegant writing board.

NEW! Accessories kit
This stylish set of writing board accessories is designed by Stefan Borselius and includes everything you need: pens with a grippy, rubberized surface, a wiping cloth, and a writing board eraser that also serves as a pen holder.


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