Screen off!

Abstracta would like to highlight our floor screens collection which is a simple way to adjust a workplace, not only for social distancing reasons but for acoustic reasons. Please contact your local sales representative for more information!

dB is a screen system that serves as a discreet scenery set for open office environments and designed to be brought to life by the people who work there.

Alumi Combi
Nina Jobs designed Alumi Combi with the aim of encouraging colleagues to have spontaneous meetings where ever they want. The screens, which function both as sound absorbers and writing boards, are mounted on wheels for easy portability. The versatile writing boards have the same understated look as the other sound-absorbing screens in the Alumi series, allowing them to be combined in harmonious unity.

Stitch is a soft and cosy-looking, sound-absorbent screen upholstered in thick, padded fabric with grid-patterned stitching, and mounted on finely made ash wood legs. Available as floor screen and table screen.

NEWS!  Our most popular screen system Softline is now available with add on acrylic glass upper section.

ABSTRACTA FAST SUPPLY! Softline 30 floor screens in fabric Dox 50 or 52, only 2 – 5 days dispatch!

The design of the very popular sound-absorbent Scala is not only developed for visual reasons but primarily to contribute to a softer soundscape.

Chubby was developed for those who don’t care for compromises. With a thickness of 88 mm and a glass upper section, Chubby reduces noise by up to 15 dB, making it best described as a real sound barrier.


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