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Abstracta 2017 Lily

Jetty (Abstracta 2017)

Staffan Holm designs a quiet table for Abstracta

Together with award-winning designer Staffan Holm, Abstracta now enters a new furniture category. Its ambition, as always, is to create a better soundscape.

Size can be a quality in itself.

This becomes evident when you observe the way Jetty, Staffan Holm’s new table, stretches out across the room. The large version of the table is nearly five metres long and accommodates up to twelve people. The smaller version measures about two and a half metres.

Jetty is designed to function as a generously spacious work table, conference table, or both – which explains its dimensions. Yet, due to its recycled aluminium frame, it is easier to handle than one might first imagine. The frame is also hollow to accommodate cables and wiring.

More than just an unusually large table, Jetty it is also unusually quiet. The problem with tables in general, and large ones in particular, is that they are rather loud. Hard table tops reflect and amplify ambient noise. And, for obvious reasons, tables with room for several people are noisier than those with room for only a few. So, a team from Abstracta developed the Strata tabletop to solve this problem.

Its layers of natural materials, visible along its edges, are reminiscent of the Earth’s crust. Strata’s materials interact to absorb ambient noise while also dampening noise emanating from the table itself through use.

Thanks to this tabletop, Jetty interrupts the sound waves in the room and contributes to a better soundscape.

Jetty appeals with a simplicity that feels more Japanese than typically Scandinavian, and which is found in other works by Holm. Yet, his works are also often very distinct from one another, without any clear correlations.

‘The style isn’t the primary thing for me. The starting point for me is the craftsmanship and the exploration of different materials, which also gives birth to the language of form – not the other way around,’ explains Holm.

For Staffan Holm, who was previously a cabinet-maker, craft and execution are essential. But are amateurs able to spot the difference between a mass-produced product and one made with expert craftsmanship and care as to materials?

‘The difference won’t be apparent if both of the products are new, but it will be over time. Mass-produced goods break. Carefully produced products age,’ remarks Holm.


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