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Combo Cross

Abstracta Linus Berglund; Code Concept


Fashion designer Pia Wallén in collaboration with Abstracta – Dynamic meeting between fashion and architecture

We proudly announce the release of Combo Cross, commencing our collaboration with Pia Wallén. Combo Cross is a hanging sound absorber that encompasses Pia Wallén’s most vital stylistic traits: simplicity, playfulness, tactility, as well as her strong passion for crafts. Present in the design are also Pia Walléns signature patterns: the seam, and the cross.

Combo Cross can be seen as a version of the famous Crux Blanket from 1991. Here too, the basic function is to protect, not from cold, however, but from noise, and to offer a simple means to divide a space into smaller units. The ambition with Combo Cross is both to create harmonious soundscapes, and visually inspiring spaces. Crosses have been cut out from the felt to make openings – like peepholes.

Pia Walléns cross reminds us of the Red Cross, using the symbol in conflicts to distinguish medics from soldiers since the late 19th Century. As a general symbol, the cross has many layers of meanings, such as protection, hope and healing.

“When I started working with the cross, it didn’t appear at all in the design world. But further back in time it was a common motif. I found my inspiration in folkloristic carpets from the 18th century. There, the cross was used to symbolize hope. It’s no coincidence that Crux Blanket was conceived during the Gulf war, a time when there was a great need for hope”, says Pia Wallén.
The material as such and its history plays important roles in Pia Wallén’s practice. She is not only interested to discover new uses of materials such as wool, but also to rediscover forgotten techniques. Her passion for traditional crafts and the stories embedded in the material is highly visible in her work.

Although Pia Wallén works with a multitude of materials, such as silver, leather and plastic, she continually returns to working with felt. The material is present in works ranging from cups and storage boxes, to jackets and jewellery. Pia Wallén and Abstracta both share an interest in felt.

“What’s fascinating about wool is that it’s the oldest textile that has been found by archaeologists, but its relevance still remains. I started working with felted wool 30 years ago and have investigated several aspects and meanings of the material. This is the first time I’m working with sound, which is incredibly interesting. I very much look forward to continuing the collaboration with Abstracta, and to further immerse myself in moulded felt”, says Pia Wallén.


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