Tengbom arkitekter

The Stockholm Concert Hall, the Swedish Embassy in Moscow, and Dockan in Malmö are just some of the well-known buildings that Tengbom architects have designed.

The world has changed its shape and style several times since the firm was established over a hundred years ago by Ivar Tengbom. In other words, Tengbom has a long tradition of looking toward the future. Without a doubt, it has been the firm’s affirmative attitude toward change and social transformation that enabled it to remain contemporary through the turbulent 1900s and on to today. In fact, in 2016 business magazine Fast Company ranked it amongst the most innovative architecture firms in the world.

Tengbom architects also design furniture with the same sensitivity to today’s and tomorrow’s needs that they apply to the task of designing buildings. For Abstracta they engineered Draft and Enjoy, the two highly versatile whiteboard series designed by Mia Wahlstein and Josef Zetterman.

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