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Rolf Fransson

Rolf’s furniture is characterised by aesthetic functionality, often as storage furniture with a clean, simple design and many practical refinements. And a myriad of possibilities for individual combinations of colour, types of wood and units. Something that Rolf believes will be even more important in the future, with even higher demands for tailor-made solutions from consumers who are interested in furnishing. His inspiration comes from journeys, preferably to Italy, or from other industries. Good design can be found in many unexpected places. Rolf has also been early with different trends, such as the popular Arctic series with its high gloss paintwork and functional push-system. A great seller for many years. Rolf received consumer acknowledgement in 1995, when despite hard competition, he received the “Diamant Emma” for his storage series Wave. The competition was arranged by the readers of magazine “Madame”. Background

Since Rolf’s parents owned a furniture factory, he grew up with furniture production on an everyday basis. Design and technology have been Rolf’s profession since the early ‘60s.